InMoov Neck Rotation Servo Adaptations 3D Model

Attribution link: Brian Stott on Myminifactory
Skull Rotation/Pan Servo Adaptor The Rotation/Pan Servo Adaptor has a bevel on the inside portion of one edge. This is so that you can install the Servo Horn Spacer onto the servo motor then insert the motor into the Adaptor. To use the Rotation Adaptor, orient the bevel side down and towards the Neck gear. Now you are on your own for the order that you wish to install this. Note: Once the Adaptor is installed it will have captured the motor against the gear. You can now secure the adaptor with glue, screw or ??? Notice that you will NOT need to screw the output shaft to the servo horn or the spacer, or secure the motor onto the adaptor. The motor is subjected to twist/torque not up and down motions so once the adaptor has the motor captured between it and the gearing it will not come out. Neck Servo Horn Spacer When using a Standard Sized Servo the output shaft will not reach to attach to the standard designed gearing. This Servo Spacer will bridge the gap between the smaller servo and the Neck gear. This Servo Spacer is to be attached to the original gear via screw and or adhesive. I used both since it will be receiving constant back and forth rotation. Once the Spacer is attached to the gear - securely attach your servo horn to this spacer. Now, when you install the motor it will snug down into the servo horn not requiring to be screwed to it. If, you use and secure the above Servo Adaptor.
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67.29mm x 67.29mm x 7.5mm
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