Set of Whacky Graphic Styles for Logo Template vector

Remember to set your AI prefs to "Scale Strokes & Effects" and "Transform Pattern Tiles" so that you can use these styles at whatever size you require. 1. Style: Super Fizz Sparlke, Font: Mandingo 2. Style: Dandy&Beano Colour, Font: BernhardGotURWTExtHea 3. Style: Metal Decal Red, Font: Logotype Frenzy 4. Style: Sign Painter Red, Font: Kari Wide Pro 5. Style: Stacker, Font: Astron Boy 6. Style: Dairy Fudge, Font: Chocolate Dulce, 7. Style: Pizza box, Font: Butter Script, 8. Style: Fireball XL5, Font: Quadaptor-Regular 9. Style: Skin Job Nexxus, Font: Nexxus Regular.
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