Lateral Leg support for Wheelchair 3D Model

Print in the orientation of the file for better strenght of the piece. The printing inclination allows better resistance. The rectangular part should resist flexion, and the ring shoul ressist the flexion when it's being attached to the wheelchair frame.If the printing has a bad quality because of inclination it's recomended: try a lower temperature, or reduce speed, or add more supports. if printing leg_support.stl print with raft   Post-printing (see image): 1.Stick a soft surface (like a sponge) to the print. 2. You may need to shape by heating (with a heat gun or water) for a better force distribution.if you download the velcro version, you also will need to attach it, watch images above. use an soft surface for better adherence.
MyMiniFactory License. You can use this 3D model for your own commercial purposes. Please credit the designer when sharing this model.
80mm x 80mm x 22.25mm
3D Print Ready